THE EDIT: 07/09


A bite-size run-down of the best stuff of the week. 


1. Arcade Fire Spoof Jenner Shirts For Charity


To get you up to speed, Kendall and Kylie Jenner recently found themselves embroiled in controversy for some tasteless and overpriced t-shirts they were trying to sell, featuring their mugs sacrilegiously pasted over unlicensed images of icons like the Doors, Tupac Shakur, and Ozzy Osbourne. 

Cleverly flipping the script, Canadian rockers Arcade Fire decided to sell their own spoof t-shirts, featuring photos of the Jenner sisters covered up with the logo for the band's upcoming album, Everything Now. The best part? All the proceeds go to Partners In Health, a non-profit health care organization. 

Now that's how you sell some t-shirts. 

2. This Jimmy Iovine Quote

Get in the room with the best people you can and open your heart, ears, and mind. Open up and learn. Be of service. Because if you’re of service, they will teach you.
— JI

3. Dwight Garner's June/July Esquire Column

I consider myself a feminist and all-around supporter of women and their endeavors. That being said, I would rather read a men's magazine any day of the week. Maybe it's the subversive thrill I get from being behind enemy lines, maybe it's because I would rather read an article about the 50 Best Bars in America, instead of an article about 50 Ways to Fix Things That Are Wrong With Me. Maybe it's because I've always been drawn to men's tailoring and plan on wearing a sexy suit jacket if I ever get married à la Bianca Jagger. 

Regardless, Esquire is my favorite and this most recent issue was a particularly good one. This article by columnist Dwight Garnerabout the important process of music discovery and curating a library, physical or otherwiseis worth a read. I couldn't find it online, so enjoy these high-quality photos (not) from my iPhone 6. 


4. Will Butler's Song About George Washington

The second Arcade Fire-adjacent item on this week's list is courtesy of synth/bass/hype man Will Butler. Recorded on July 4 in London, Butler posted it to his SoundCloud account, stating on Twitter: "It's about George Washington, and my family, and America. It wasn't written for the 4th of July, but it feels appropriate. The chorus is, um, by Roy Orbison"

Indeed it's a stirring, piano-led saga, punctuated by Roy Orbison's inescapably infectious, "You Got It" refrain. Lyrics like "George, sometimes you can be kind of a dick" in reference to our first president make it worthy of its 6-minute length.

5. Helado Negro's Tiny Desk Concert

Helado Negro first caught my attention because I became obsessed with his album cover for Private Energy. I was seeing it everywhere and each time made a mental bookmark to listen to "the damn album with the tinsel on it". When I finally got around to it, I discovered it was unlike anything else I've heard. His stuff is beautifully, meticulously produced but also breezy and carefree. Broken down in Tiny Desk Concert style, I think the songs shine even more.

I love his wobbly vibrato, I love that his latest single is called "Young, Latin and Proud", and you KNOW I love me some harmonizing saxophones. Enjoy.

6. HAIM's Something To Tell You


We've all been waiting for it and here it is. The Valley-bred Haim sisters have done it again, expanding on the lyrical themes and rhythm-obsessed sonics of their debut, Days Are Gone. All I really have to say is I'm glad someone is just as obsessed with 80s Fleetwood Mac as I am ("Nothing's Wrong" hits you right in that Christine McVie sweet spot) and just as hesitant to totally let go of old flames (the too real "Kept Me Crying"). So many songs here are right on the money, making Something To Tell You the obvious choice for Album of the Week, but all the explaining in the world won't do the genre-bending, super-funky, pop-friendly HAIM sound justice, so get to it!

Favorite Tracks: "Nothing's Wrong" "You Never Knew" "Kept Me Crying" "Night So Long"