THE EDIT: 07/02


A bite-size run-down of the best stuff of the week.

1. The Trailer For Tyler, the Creator's Nuts + Bolts

Tyler, the Creator's new show for Viceland is coming August 3-- a date that seems ages away after watching this trailer. I was already onboard after hearing his vague but concise description ("Nuts + Bolts is a show describing, how everything that I think is awesome, is made")  but when you add in appearances by Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson, this looks like must-see TV.

2. More Kendall and Kylie Jenner Backlash

As if the Pepsi debacle wasn't enough, model Kendall Jenner has once again found herself in the midst of controversy, this time with younger sis and makeup mogul, Kylie. Instead of peddling soda, the Jenner sisters were selling shirts of music legends like Tupac Shakur, The Doors, and even Ozzy Osbourne with their faces, Instagram posts, and clothing line logo printed over the top. Not something I think there was any demand for, especially for the $125 asking price, and HELLO! They're ugly as hell! 

Luckily the backlash was swift and pretty much unanimous, with everyone from Biggie's mom to the surviving members of The Doors (who are suing the Jenner sisters, by the way) spoke out, leading the girls to apologize, and remove the shirts from their website. 

What we're all thinking:

3. Nick Cave at the Greek Theatre

Photo by Debi del Grande

Photo by Debi del Grande

If you have the opportunity to see Nick Cave, do it. I've never experienced anything quite like what I saw at the beautiful Greek Theatre on Thursday night, and I doubt that I ever will again. You can read the recap I wrote for LA Record right here.

4. Shakey Graves and the Horse He Rode In On (Nobody's Fool and The Donor Blues) EP by Shakey Graves

A lot of much-anticipated albums dropped this week, but none of them caught my attention like this dark horse from Texas troubadour Shakey Graves (aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia). It's not a new release, but instead a compilation of 2012's The Donor Blues and Nobody's Fool-- the latter of which was previously only available on Bandcamp for three days in February 2015. 

These are gorgeous, lo-fi, largely acoustic tracks; biting Americana that hits you right in your gut. If you can't handle the slick sweetness of Calvin Harris' Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 anymore, and your free Tidal trial ran out before you could listen to Jay-Z's 4:44, give this a listen to bring you right back down to earth. 

Favorite tracks: "Nobody's Fool," "Family Tree," "Stereotypes Of A Blue Collar Male," "The Donor Blues"