THE EDIT: 06/11

A bite-size run-down of the best stuff of the week.

1. Bedouine


I first heard "Dusty Eyes" on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify—which, if you're not a premium subscriber, the Discover playlist is worth the price of admission—and fell in love.

Bedouine aka Syrian-born Azniv Korkejian spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, moving to America as the result of her family winning a Green Card Lottery. Her nomadic lifestyle continued—she's lived in Boston, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, and currently lives in LA—which comes across in her gently shambolic music, smoky vocals, and poetic lyrics. 

The kind of artist that music and ideas flow from so effortlessly that they seem to stumble into a career, Korkejian was working as a sound editor in LA when she "just kept meeting the right people" and decided to follow her musical heart with an "if it happens it happens" attitude. One of those right people turned out to be Spacebomb's Matthew E. White, whom Korkejian rapidly enchanted and is releasing her debut LP on June 23.

Until then, you'll have to satiate yourself with the three tracks she's released, each just as beautiful and mesmerizing as the last. 

2. Kevin Morby's "City Music" Video

This video for Kevin Morby's title track off his upcoming LP is weird.

We've got a baby-talk voiceover, a platinum blonde wig, some very moody shots of Las Vegas, and plenty of other things I don't understand.

That being said, the scene of Morby's friends switching in and out of the band and that shimmering, central guitar riff are enough to make me watch this more than once. Confusion be damned. 

3. 500 Episodes of Amoeba's "What's In My Bag?"

Maybe it's just me, but there's something magical about musicians you love and respect talking about the music they're the most passionate about. There's also something magical about getting to fulfill second-hand my fantasy of walking through Amoeba Music in Hollywood and buying whatever the hell I want. Both forms of magic are present in each episode of "What's In My Bag," an absolutely genius YouTube series done by the world-famous record store, that just marked it's 500th episode with the video above. That's 500 episodes of famous musicians, actors, and comedians sharing their purchases. Available at your fingertips. For free.

Some picks are obvious (picking...) but some are truly surprising and enlightening. I've found some of my favorite albums this way, and I know I'm going to learn something every time I watch. If you love music, it's a must.

500 episodes is A LOT to go through, so I'll leave you a list and links to my personal favorites. 

Jason Schwartzman

Dave Grohl


Fred Armisen

Lenny Kaye

Cat Power

My Morning Jacket

Jeff Tweedy


4. Cher Performing West Side Story All by Herself

Best experienced with little-to-no context. Enjoy.