THE EDIT: 04/09


A bite-size run-down of the best stuff of the week. 


1. "Revolution Rock n Roll" by Low Cut Connie

With its slowed-down, boogie-woogie piano and one of the most electrifying choruses I've heard in a hot minute, this is one of those songs that is not only immediately fantastic, but also gets better and better the more you listen.

2. The Pepsi Ad Debacle

Unless you've been living under a ROCK, I'm sure you've heard about the swift and just backlash that greeted the above Pepsi ad. Call it tone-deaf, call it capitalism, call it another point on a very long list of why Coke is way better than Pepsi. In any situation like this, what I'm really here for is the reaction on social media--and y'all didn't dissapoint.

3. This Kurt Vonnegut Quote

“A plausible mission of artists is to make people appreciate being alive at least a little bit.”

4. This Playlist from Rookie

5. The Photo-Booth at the Echoplex

I just saw Bleached and The Regrettes at the Echoplex in LA and dragged my friend Tommy with me. They've got a good-old-fashioned photo booth right when you walk in which we couldn't resist. We also couldn't be bothered to adjust the seat for our lanky-ass bodies and wound up with four photos of me looking unprepared, and Tommy's beautiful teeth. 


6. The Buttertones' Video for "Matador"

This is my favorite track off their new album, Gravedigging, so I'm pumped that they made a video for it. 

7. Dhani Harrison’s ELO Rock Hall Induction Speech

Jeff Lynne was a great friend and collaborator of George Harrison's, producing Cloud Nine and joining him on the dad-rock express as part of the Traveling Wilburys. It's only fitting that Harrison's son would induct Lynne's band into the Hall of Fame in his absence, considering Dhani grew up with Lynne tinkering around in his dad's home studio, and the work they did together on George's posthumous album, Brainwashed

In the speech, Harrison describes ELO's music as "a musical galaxy right between Chuck Berry and Beethoven," compares them to the Star Wars cantina band, and talks about the first time he saw his dad play in front of a crowd. It's beautiful.