THE EDIT: 04/30



1. Kendrick Lamar Announces DAMN. Tour

The Greatest Rapper Alive is heading out on his first real tour since 2015, starting in July and ending with a hometown show at Staples Center in LA on August 6th. Peep the dates below, and get tickets while you can.

2. School Night! at Bardot

If you live in LA, you might already know about School Night! at Bardot, the super-hip club above the Avalon on Vine. If you live in LA, love music, and like to be five feet away from the stage at shows, and you don't already know about School Night!, YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Every Monday night, Bardot becomes home to the best free show in LA. That's right! It's free! Just RSVP on their website and get ready to have your mind blown. They book three or four up-and-coming bands that you've probably never heard of, but are good. I mean, seriously good. I went this week and caught two incredible bands, The Dip and Public Access TV, all for the price of my $10 Stella. 

Check it out and I'll see you next week!

P.S. You should definitely be listening to The Dip and Public Access TV

3. Father John Misty's Video for 'Total Entertainment Forever'

George Washington pops a Viagra and is playing VR video games in the first 20 seconds, Macaulay Culkin is Kurt Cobain, and sax-playing Bill Clinton makes an appearance. I have no idea what's going on, but you have to watch this. 

4. HAIM Premier New Song 'Right Now' 

After teasing us all last week with a mysterious video clip, HAIM have officially returned with a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed live version of new song 'Right Now.' They also announced that their new album, Something To Tell You, will be out July 7th. I may or may not watch this video every day until then.

5. Feist's 'Pleasure'

Some big albums dropped this week--Gorillaz, Willie Nelson, Thurston Moore--but my pick for album of the week goes to Feist's Pleasure. Like the rest of her catalog, it's endlessly listenable. Her voice is like a siren's call--heartbreaking, inspiring, enchanting-- and I can't get enough. Favorite tracks: "Any Party" and "Baby Be Simple."

Listen on iTunes

6. Tom Hanks Interviews Bruce Springsteen

Only good things can come from America's Sweetheart interviewing America's other Sweetheart. All of the quotes in this Rolling Stone run-down are gold, but this one's my favorite:

In music, we make our own little worlds. We make ‘em, and we sell ‘em to you, and you can live in them for a while, and they can be important – get you through the day, get you through the night, change the way you think, change the way you look, the way you dress, the way your approach your own life. Or they can just thrill you with three minutes of bliss. But they can’t give you a life.
— BS