It's Wednesday: 4 Things To Listen To Right Now


Here at TMTG, we believe in celebrating even the smallest of feats.

You did the dishes! You returned those e-mails! You called your mom! 

We also believe that all of these tasks are made easier if you do them while listening to music----except for calling your mom, who already has trouble hearing you and will derail the whole conversation to continually ask you what that "weird noise" is in the background.

That's why it's time for another edition of, "Congratulations, you've made it more than halfway through the work week!" Also known as, "Here's a random-ass collection of music that is altogether positive and dance-worthy to push you right on through to 5:00."

Look at you! You're doing great!


1. "Uncontrollable Salvation" by Pardoner

Maybe you're having a rough day. Jessica threw you under the bus in that meeting even though you thought the two of you were cool. What the hell, Jess?! You're frustrated and need some good ol' fashioned punk aggression to see you through. Or maybe you fancy yourself the Jim Halpert of your workplace, quietly sticking it to The Man, stealthily undermining any productivity, and pining after the office honey. Either way, this will make you stick your fist in the air Bender-style when you finally get to go home.

2. "Love Touch" by Rod Stewart

If you want to dance at your desk, 80s Rod Stewart is the prescription you need. Those who follow me on Instagram may already know that I've been completely obsessed with this song, something I continue to be unashamed about.

1. It's catchy as hell.

2. It's musical Zoloft.

3. It's the audio equivalent of what I imagine it must feel like to stay at a Sandals resort.

Apparently this song was featured in Legal Eagles (1986)----a film I just have an inklin' was a real stinker. So enjoy this grainy-ass, legal-themed music video. It's completely absurd.  

3. September 78 by John Prine

If you've got a whole lot of work to do and you're actually trying your best to get it done----good for you!----putting on an inoffensive album that will fade to the background but still make you happy is your best bet. Enter, John Prine's September 78, a live album that will have you movin' and groovin,' without totally distracting you. Honestly, I've never heard someone sound so much like peak, Band-era Bob Dylan. The resemblance is uncanny at certain points, but Prine's simple, home-spun songwriting is all his own. 

Also, that album cover? Hell yeah! That looks like a dude to grab some beers with after work!

4. "Now Is The Hour (Maori Farewell Song)" by The Everly Brothers  +  "Albatross" by Fleetwood Mac

Maybe you need a little relaxation----some R&R to distract you from the fact that it's only Wednesday, and your desk-mate brought in reheated Chinese for lunch. Let this tropical island combination of The Everly Brothers and Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac take you far, far away.

Shoutout to Sadie for introducing me to the Everly Bros track.