It's Wednesday: 5 Things To Listen To Right Now


Congratulations. You're over halfway through the work week. 

For some, that fact alone fills them with an uplifting joy. A joy so strong they've convinced themselves that it's "fun" and "cool" to use the phrase "Hump Day" to describe this midweek euphoria. 

For others, the realization that it's "only f------ Wednesday" gives them the good sense to never use the term "Hump Day" for their 9-to-5 ennui. I applaud you.

So here's your reward. Put some headphones in, get ready to boogie at your desk, because this is a roundup of music I've discovered this week that will definitely add some happy to your Hump Day.

Yeah, no I'm never gonna say that again.


1. The Brondesbury Tapes (1968) by Giles, Giles, & Fripp

Trippy, funny, breezy, genius. 

My faves:

2. "Power of Love" by Hour Glass

You've heard of the Allman Brothers? This is their band before they decided to eat some peaches. 

3. How Sad, How Lovely (2009) by Connie Converse

I don't know anything about this woman (stay tuned), but these folky, homemade recordings from the 50's are a breath of fresh air. I think "Roving Woman" might be my new personal anthem. 

My faves:

4. "Love Ain't Nothing (But A Monkey On Your Back)" & "Comma Comma" by Johnny Nash

Two sides of a vastly underrated artist. On the left, you've got a stylish R&B smoothie. On the right, a reggae-influenced vacation for your ears. 

5. The Prelude (2014) by L.A. Salami

Thoughtful, soulful, sometimes biting, singer-songwriter fare. And who doesn't want to listen to that accent?

My faves: "Nazis On The Northern Line" "Day to Day for 6 Days a Week" "Deformation Days"