6 YouTube Channels Every Music Fan Should Be Watching


Hi. My name is Madison. And I'm most definitely a YouTube addict. 

If admitting you have a problem is the first step, then consider this it. last night i fell into a deep, deep vine compilation hole (we're talking hours, people. hours of six second vines), and i regularly watch everything from makeup tutorials to thirft store hauls, to the thing that truly makes me horrified with myself whenever i snap out of it for a damn second and realize what i'm watching: vlogs.


Now that you know all the grotty details of my disgusting habit, I'll let you in on a little secret. I often tell myself that I need to watch YouTube "for work." That's code for: let me see if Noisey or Amoeba posted any videos, watch those, and then go down a Buzzfeed hole for two hours. Again, gross. 

That being said, in my extensive time on that damn website, I have come across a few channels that really will enrich any music fan's life. I'm talkin' value, people! Solid, productive content that won't leave you feeling emptier than that pint of ice cream you polished off while you watched 14 Late Late Show videos. (Full disclosure, I have three YouTube tabs waiting patiently for me as I'm writing this. I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM.)


1. Blank On Blank

I forgot how I came across this series, but I thank the good Lord that it exists every time they post a new video. Basically, old crackly, interview recordings are matched up with adorable animation, bringing to life music legends like Jim Morrison, a 20-year-old Bob Dylan, and Barry White. I always learn something, and with videos featuring actors, writers, and other public figures, there's no shortage of material to binge. 


2. NardwuarServiette

Nardwuar the Human Serviette (birth name John Ruskin) is a Canadian legend. A celebrity interviewer and musician (He's the lead singer in The Evaporators), Nardwuar is known for his obnoxious interview style where he pretends to know nothing about the person he's interviewing, often beginning with the question "Who are you?," before revealing that he actually knows everything about them. Depending on how game the person being interviewed is, it can either be super fun or super awkward. Either is endlessly entertaining to watch.

The best part is either the pure joy that happens when Nardwuar presents them with a particularly thoughtful gift, or watching the interviewee's face fill with disbelief when the Nard asks them about obscure things that they thought were only between them and God. 


3. Jonathan Toubin

A staple of the New York City nightlife scene, Jonathan Toubin is one of the most respected vinyl DJs around. The founder of the now legendary New York Night Train underground dance party, Toubin is sharing some of his best R&B, rock, and soul 45s with us on YouTube, posting a new vinyl rip almost daily--complete with a little history lesson in the description box. If rare, raw, mid-century tunes are what you're after, Toubin is your man. 


4. Noisey

Noisey is by far my favorite of the major music media outlets. They're smart, they're informative, they have style, but most of all THEY HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. When did music get so serious anyway? I digress.

Their YouTube channel is just as wonderful, featuring excellent, well-produced series like Under The Influence and The British Masters. Super-inclusive of all genres of music, you're bound to find something to watch.  


5. Music Vault

With A Special shoutout to Springsteen on MV

If you're the kind of person that likes to get a snack, an alcoholic beverage of your choice, and curl up in front of a classic concert for a few hours, Music Vault is your YouTube Shangri-La. They've got Talking Heads, they've got Alice Cooper, they've got Van Morrison, they've got Prince, and they've got more Grateful Dead shows than you can shake a stick at. 

Now if you're a Boss fan like me (anyone that knows me will tell you that "fan" is an understatement), they've got a subchannel called Springsteen On MV that's all Bruce all the time. Hit it Big Man!


6. Amoeba

Obviously Amoeba Records' channel--home of my favorite thing on earth "What's In My Bag?"--was going to be on this list. If you've been on this blog at all, I'm sure you've realized that I post about it whenever I can, and I will never stop shouting from the mountaintops what a gift this series is. If that's not enough to convince you to subscribe, know that they post other things--like super-cool in-store performances and interviews. 


Honorable Mention:

GQ, but only for "Vince Staples Reviews Every Fucking Thing"

Vince Staples is the man--plus he's from Long Beach so I have an additional hometown bias. He's so quick, so smart, so funny, that I would pay money to hear him talk about anything. GQ obviously felt the same way, very shrewdly recruiting him to talk about...every fucking thing.