NEW OBSESSION:, where a  literal  world of music awaits., where a literal world of music awaits. 

Meet, your new music discovery obsession.

The five o's in the URL stand for the earth's five continents, all of which are represented on radiooooo's charming map. Simply click on the country of your choice, select which decade you would like to be transported to (between 1900 and NOW), and decide if you're in the mood for something slow, fast, or weird. Boom. You're like a musical Indiana Jones. 

Created by Benjamin Moreau and Raphaël Hamburger, DJs and all-around genius dudes, radiooooo is also an app you can download on your phone, making that 1940s Peruvian music-soundtracked drive you've always wanted to take an absolutely attainable possibility! Finally!

But seriously, this is the best thing ever. Dig a song? You can hit the "like" button and save it to your profile for later, or you can hit the "buy button" to make it your very own. 

  • Drinking coffee and doing some morning reading? I suggest France/1950/slow or Spain/1940/slow. Pure heaven.
  • Prepping for a night out on the town? You can't go wrong with Brazil or France/1970/fast. Party time!
  • Hosting a dinner party and want to set the mood while you whip up some pasta? Give Italy/fast/1960 a go. 
  • Having some cocktails on your patio at dusk? Mexico or Cuba/1950/fast is all you need. 

Guilty Pleasure Island (in between Greenland and Norway) is also fail-proof.

It's super user-friendly, the combinations are truly endless, and you will never run out of gems to discover. Guaranteed. What are you waiting for?! Gooooo!