RECAP: La Batalla Festival

I Spent this saturday dancing my butt off and drinking pbr...

thanks to @lossantorosband and @cieloagency putting on the super-fun La Batalla Festival at the Glass House in Pomona. I attended for work, for fun (hanging out with @paintedradish and @alexistherose), and to see the killer line-up of LA bands--Moon Ensemble, Wild Wing, So Many Wizards, Colleen Green, Adult Books, QUITAPENAS, Santoros, Billy Changer and Tijuana Panthers.

Too bad I'm awful at actively taking photos and came up with only seven measly images. Luckily, I'm (somewhat) gainfully employed writing for other websites, so after you look at my own sad photo skills, you can read my recap and actually know...real pictures.

My recap for LA Record and beautiful photos of all the bands are right here!