YouTube Black Hole: 'Faces' Edition

We've all been there. It's 3:00 am and you're watching a video of Cher laughing for two minutes. You don't know how you got here, or how you've eaten a whole bag of chips. On rare occassions, you find something actually worth watching, maybe even worth sharing. This is Youtube Black Hole.

This edition begins with exhibit A: a 1974 clip of an absolutely killer rendition of the classic, “I’d Rather Go Blind” featuring a super-boosted Faces lineup.

You’ve got Rod Stewart on vocals, Ronnie Wood on lead guitar, Kenny Jones on drums, Ian McLagan on keyboards, Tetsu Yamauchi on bass, and--SURPRISE!-- Keith Richards inconspicuously strumming in the background (Richards and Wood’s excellent riff banter starts at about the 5-minute mark).

The group is in top form, Stewart’s voice is as perfect as ever (as is that shiny, mustard-yellow jumpsuit and that floppy red hat that he just can’t seem to figure out what do with).

Turns out it's from the Faces' final Concert in 1974 at London's Kilburn State Theatre. Don't worry, I watched that, too.

Watching these inevitably led me to the sidebar, where I couldn't resist clicking on this last video. I highly suggest you peep this charming television spot from 1970, right around when their debut record, First Step came out. It’s just such a great little time capsule. The outfits, the girls, the rehearsal in the rustic field with the barking dog (the lovely song is “Nobody Knows” in case you were wondering), the waxing poetic on revolution, and one particularly cheeky Ronnie Wood, who is only there for the ice cream.