TMTG's Guide To Austin City Limits 2017

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The city of Austin, Texas has an official slogan: The Live Music Capital of the World.

With more music venues per capita than any other US city, that slogan may ring very true (Sorry, Nashville)----due in large part to the buzzing local scene around 6th street, and a little teeny tiny festival called South By Southwest.

This weekend, thousands will descend upon the city's Zilker Park for SXSW's baby bro, Austin City Limits. Named for the long-running public television series of the same title, it's three days of music, art, and food in the Texas sun, and my sister and I are takin' our LA asses on down.

In the tradition of our Echo Park Rising guide, I will be running down the artists that I think you should try and catch if you're heading to ACL. If you're not going, consider it a general introduction to some great bands that maybe you haven't heard of. AND if you've already heard of all these people, well goddamn come help me write this blog!

FYI, the headliners are The xx,  Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, and The Killers. I'm assuming you've already heard of 'em, so bye. 


1. Ron Gallo


Sounds like: If Bob Dylan went garage-psych instead of country.

Stage & set time: American Express // Friday12:30-1:15

Here's a taste:


2. The Lemon Twigs


Sounds like: Imagine that Todd Rundgren had two babies with Elton John. And those babies do a really amazing cover of Ronnie Wood's "I Can Feel The Fire."

Stage & set time: Miller Lite // Friday 3:15-4:15

Here's a taste:


3. Vulfpeck


Sounds like: Funky, soul honey being poured in your ear by a bunch of white dudes.

Stage & set time: American Express //Friday 4:14-5:15

Here's a taste:


4. Car Seat Headrest


Sounds like: What every introverted kid that loves Guided By Voices is trying to write in their bedroom.

Stage & set time: Honda // Saturday 2:00-3:00

Here's a taste:


5. Benjamin Booker


Sounds like: Blues, gospel, soul, punk. Everything that's good about American music----like the road trip montage at the end of Elizabethtown all rolled into one dude.

Stage & set time: Miller Lite // Saturday 3:00-4:00

Here's a taste:


6. angel olsen


Sounds like: Stevie Nicks, Ronnie Spector, Martha Davis with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. All the fierceness and fragility of femininity. Heaven----just like the name implies.

Stage & set time: Miller Lite // Saturday 5:00-6:00

Here's a taste:


7. Day Wave


Sounds like: Scrolling through a cool teenager's tumblr. 

Stage & set time: Barton Springs // Sunday 1:15-2:15

Here's a taste:


8. Whitney


Sounds like: An overlooked soft-rock band from the 70s. The kind that a music snob pretends to like better than the Beatles.

Stage & set time: Barton Springs // Sunday 3:15-4:15

Here's a taste:


9. songhoy blues


Sounds like: The kind of Mali rock and roll/world music hypbrid that Anthony Bourdain would derail a whole episode of Parts Unknown for. Also, Iggy Pop is a fan.

Stage & set time: BMI // Sunday 3:15-4:15

Here's a taste:


10. White Reaper


Sounds like: A cooler version of the band that was on the radio the night your dad first got laid. 

Stage & set time: BMI // Sunday 5:15-6:15

Here's a taste: