Sounds Like Fall


Can a season have a sound? Anyone who's wanted to blow their brains out after hearing "All I Want for Christmas Is You" for the 8,000 time would have to say yes. But beyond Christmas music, there's also the very annoying "song of the summer" concept that shoved "Despacito" so thoroughly down our throats, it will be lodged in there for years to come, ready to instantly salsa you back to whatever memories (good and bad) you made these last few months.

For me, the strongest "seasonal sounds" belong to summer and fall. Even certain artists are sorted into these categories in my mind----the majority of their music conjuring up images of hot nights, summer love, and shorter hemlines, OR overcast skies, jackets, and walks along sidewalks strewn with crunchy, brown leaves. Bruce Springsteen? Summer. Bob Dylan? Fall. Bo Diddley? Summer. Simon & Garfunkel? Fall. Beach Boys? OBVIOUS.

Maybe songs that aren't explicitly about a season can't sound like one, but this playlist is my best attempt at proving you wrong. It's officially fall----even if LA is still 80 degrees----so make some tea, put on a goddamn sweater, and get your fall on.