Locals Only


Los Angeles.

A sprawling metropolis with stars in its eyes as well as on its sidewalks. 

For decades, the promise of fame and endless summer have led many right into its gaping mouth—

Full of serrated, chemically-whitened teeth that tear away at you soon enough.

Oppressive heat, ungodly traffic, the smell of piss and garbage where the 5 meets the 710, the thousands of tents that turn downtown into a junkie campground every night—

And no, you're never going to find a parking spot. 

And yet—

There's a particular shade of pink that hangs in the evening July sky.

A squeaky vinyl booth in DuPar's at two in the morning.

A shared cigarette outside the Thirsty Crow.

Los Angeles is a city of art. A breeding ground for creativity. A mecca for talent.

The Troubadour. 

The Capitol Records building.

Amoeba Music.

The Hollywood Bowl. 

LA loves movies—but it's music that comes out of every car on the 101, every club on Sunset, and the mouth of every Angeleno that manages to pay their ever-rising rent for another month. 

The amount of good music coming out of hubs like Echo Park, the Valley, and Highland Park, makes me very proud to live here. 

'Locals Only' is a playlist for keeping up with that music.

The best of the best from up-and-coming LA bands, musicians, artists. 

Always updated. Just for you.





West Coast, Best Coast.

Locals only, man.


Know a band/song that should be added to the playlist? Let me know right here.