The Month In Music: October

Primitive Man // Fruit Bats

Had the privilege of catching Fruit Bats at the Bootleg this month, and had a lovely time. Feel-good vibes all around. Long live Cosmic American Music. The lilting, pastoral melody of this one in particular has stuck with me.

Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart // Arthur Russell

I came across this track thanks to a quick Shazam capture. Love the mix of horns with his mid-period Dylan vocals. Very Self-Portrait.

Let Me Be On Top // Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit are a kick-ass, female-fronted group that I can’t believe more people haven’t heard of. The winking sexuality of this one is aces.

22 (OVER S**N) // Bon Iver

That’s obviously not the appropriate lettering for the song title, but I definitely don’t know how to make infinity signs with my keyboard. Thanks. Anyways, what an uplifting, goosebump-inducing, hair-raising piece of gospel-flavored goodness.

Beasts // Saintseneca

Saintseneca should be world famous. I love them so much. Each song is stunning and they continually outdo themselves. One of the most achingly beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard. Quiet and sharp.

LA Turnaround // Nick Waterhouse

My favorite off his latest album. Throwback without being hokey. If you’re in LA traffic as much as I am, it’s very fun to yell along to this.

Paralyzed // Hanni El Khatib

Holy shit. Start the dance party.

I Don’t Wanna Live In California // Public Access TV

If you follow this blog at all, you know I’ve been obsessing over this album for the last month. New Wave, dancey goodness with a chewy punk center. If you don’t like this song, I probably don’t like you.

Dope On A Rope // The Growlers

Went to Beach Goth just to see the Growlers. Bought a City Club t-shirt. Bought City Club on vinyl. I love City ClubCity Club.

Empire State // Fleetwood Mac

Mirage was reissued this month and boy did I have it on repeat. We all love “Gypsy,” but this one is an earworm and a half. “Not like we do in LA-eyA-eyA-eyA…”

Tonight // Sibylle Baier

Do I remember how I found this? No. Is it starkly gorgeous and haunting as hell? Yes.

Vibe So Hot // Benji Hughes

Spotify recommended this to me. Thanks, Spotify.

Good Feeling // Three Dog Night

I interviewed Danny Hutton from Three Dog Night this month and we had a pretty good time. I was perusing some of their lesser-known songs (which is difficult since they have basically 100 top 40 hits), and came across this falsetto-gem.

Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out // The Replacements

I’ve been super into the ‘mats all month, plundering the punk wealth of their discography as I fancy myself a Paul Westerberg-esque hardass (spoiler: I’m not). I have a very dear friend named Tommy. I think he still has his tonsils.

It’s So Easy // Jay Reatard

Fast, furious, and so damn fun. Well, as fun as a song that starts out, “It’s so easy, when you’re friends are dead,” can be.

In The Sun // Blondie

Along with the Replacements, I’ve submerged myself in Blondie all month. I will never be as cool as how Debbie Harry screams “Surf’s up,” at the beginning of this song.

Country Sleaze // Goat Girl

Sludgy, grungey, banger from some promising newcomers.

Sweet Time // Billy Changer

Was hoping to see Billy at Beach Goth. He on at 12:05. I got inside at 12:30. Sad.

Propaganda // Sean Nicholas Savage

I want to make out with someone to this song. Bye.

Runaround // Helado Negro

One of my favorite album covers I’ve seen in a long time. This is so dreamy and just weird enough. It makes me feel all kindsa ways.