The Month In Music: July

Dead Serious - Ali Beletic

A very cool song from a very cool lady. Patti Smith would be proud.

iT - Christine and the Queens

I finally caught up on the latest season of Girls, and I Shazam-ed the crap out of this.

Because I’m Me - The Avalanches

My favorite track off their latest. A fantastic song for the gym once it kicks into full gear btw.

Workin’ Woman Blues - Valerie June

I’ve become obsessed with Amoeba Music’s YouTube Series “What’s In My Bag,” where famous musicians come into the store and talk about what they’re buying. Highly recommend. Anyways, multiple people were buying this album and I see why.

Later - Free Weed

Had a mini existential crisis this month and singing along to the lyrics “I don’t mind / it’s fine / life’s good I’ll worry about later” was absolutely therapeutic.

You Could’ve Been A Lady - Hot Chocolate

Absolutely responsible for busting me out of the whack-ass funk I was in. A stone cold classic. How do you not dance to this?

No River - Esme Patterson

Catchy as hell. My favorite off of her latest.

Blind Date - The Boomtown Rats

Scored a primo copy of this album at Atomic Records in Burbank. This track is amazing. Great for pumping yourself up before a Tinder date. Bumble date? Whatever.

Too Strong To Be Strung Along - The Marvelettes

An absolute “Yas Queen” of a song. Biographical as hell for me this month. Play this when you get the itch to text that boy that you shouldn’t.

Time Hard - The Pioneers

Binge-watched HBO’s Silicon Valley hardcore this month. This jimmy-jam played in the end credits of a great episode. Love songs that are utterly depressing but wrapped in the sunniest, reggae bow.

Easier Said - Sunflower Bean

Was lucky enough to see these guys at the teeny Constellation Room in Santa Ana. Got my foot absolutely obliterated by a mosher, but had the best time. They’re solid gold. Go see ‘em.

Cradle Your Device - Tom Brosseau

Had the privilege of reviewing this guy’s new record (spoiler alert: it’s good. and out Sept. 16), and re-discovered this absolute gem about a lady who can’t put her phone down to get down.

Don’t Save Me - HAIM

Revisited this album a lot this month. This song was hella relevant to my life at the time, so it got played into the damn ground.

Shut Up Kiss Me - Angel Olsen

Cannot wait for this album. This track is a must. I replayed it over and over again for an entire 45-minute car ride. Crank it.

A Loving Feeling - Mitski

For those unaware, Mitski’s latest album is a stone cold banger. “Your Best American Girl” is getting all the attention, and rightfully so, but if you’re as baffled by modern dating practices as I am, this is a fucking anthem.

Foot Stomping (Part 1) - The Flares

Watched the original John Waters-directed version of Hairspray with my friend Tommy. Immediately looked up what the song playing during the closing credits was.

Go West - Liz Phair

Embarrassingly just getting into lady Liz. This is my favorite so far. Love the subtle use of the “Summertime Blues” riff.

Nothing’s Changed - The Zombies

Interviewed living legend and actual sweet heart Colin Blunstone so I’ve been listening to the Zombies constantly. Their songs are just so elegant, but so catchy and pop at the same time. His voice is heaven.

Boogie With Stu - Led Zeppelin

Covered a Zeppelin tribute band at the OC Fair (Zeppelin Live). Not bad, but if you’re gonna go the tribute route please go see Led Zepagain. Anyways, their setlist was heavy on Physical Graffiti so I’ve been getting reacquainted. Not a lot to this one, but you can’t deny it’s a jam.

Rollin’ - Randy Newman

The sweetest song you will ever hear about alcoholism. Despite it bleak subject matter, it’s oddly uplifting. “I’m alright now / I’m alright now / Never thought I’d make it / But I always do somehow.”

Sometimes Accidentally - The Goon Sax

A promising trio of newcomers, I love this whole album, but this is the standout for me. Catchy, completely relatable, irresistible. You’ll love it.