The Playlist Interview: Alex Marin of Silver Twins

Marin, center.  Photo by Maya Sacks

Marin, center. Photo by Maya Sacks


Indie trio Silver Twins may be based in Los Angeles, but they have roots all over--thanks in large part to frontman Alex Marin. From growing up in Mexico City to years spent in Vancouver and London, Marin has collected and refined a lifetime and several countries-worth of influences, wielding each one in his songwriting with care.

"Bruce Lee," the band's first single, falls on the poppier side of their punk and new-wave influenced sound--the 60s-pop melody, electric punk energy, and cheeky wink of 90s Britpop blending together in a way that's indebted to those genres, while existing well outside of them. It's a mixture that makes sense when you see Marin's choices below--a compilation of wry, biting, but always melodic cuts by innovators from both sides of the Atlantic. It's about the words as much as getting people out on the dance floor--a task which Marin and the Silver Twins have down pat.

Check out Marin's playlist below, and catch Silver Twins in Los Angeles this Wednesday 6.27 at Hotel Cafe.




I left the LP up on my record player earlier this week. I forgot to take it out and today I kept playing it on repeat. I never flipped to the other side… I mean it's a great side--"Horrorshow," "Time for Heroes," "Boys in the Band," "Radio America." Good stuff there.



a song from the year you were born: 

"Friday I'm in love" by the cure

I usually hate talking about what year I was born, but it feels kinda good knowing this Cure banger came out that year. It’s a good welcoming to this world… or not.


a song that reminds you of your parents: 

"il mondo" by jimmy fontana

Although The Beatles were the everyday soundtrack with my parents (specially my mum), this song holds a special place in my heart. My dad would sing this song ALL THE TIME and fake a lower voice to make it sound “like Jimmy Fontana." It was kinda funny and creepy--back then my mum hated it--now she actually sings it with me sometimes. I guess it’s her way of letting go. Now Silver Twins use it as an intro before we walk up on stage. 


A song that reminds you of high school:

"TV & Me" By Mando Diao

Angry teenager looking for a fight post-Green St. Hooligans.


A song that makes you cry:

"Danny Says" by the Ramones

Haven’t really stopped to wonder why, but now that I'm thinking about it, it might be because it reminds me of myself as a kid, sitting on the edge of the bed, holding my blue Sony CD player listening to this song and wanting the lyrics to be my story. I remember wanting to feel sad and miss someone ‘cause I was out on tour. I still do.


The best make-out song: 

"Blame" By Tropics

Just listen to it I think you’ll know what I mean.



A song by one of your heroes:

"#9 Dream" by John Lennon

Walls and Bridges was the first Lennon album I bought myself. "#9 Dream" is the first song on the B side. Since the first time I heard it, Ah! Bowakawa, pousse pousse still bewitches me. Love you,  John. 


The song guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor:

"Common People" by Pulp

I do a pretty good Jarvis. Fun fact, he lived blocks away from me while I was living in London. Saw him walking his dog a couple of times and freaked out like a fan girl.


A song you wish you had written:

"Telephone" by the Goon Sax

I thought this was a much older song at first. Good job, Goons. Great tune.


A song that inspired your album: 

"Venezia" by Hombres G

I might be shooting myself in the foot here but it is what it is. And I do love some good old 80’s Spanish music.


The best road trip song: 

"Back In The Tall Grass" by Future Islands

What's better than singing “Long way from home” while you're driving and trying to mimic Mr.Samuel T. Herring's incredible crackling/powerful/wrenching vocals with your mates? 


Your favorite cover: All the versions of "Needles and Pins"

Great song. Seriously. Probably wish I could've written this one too.


A song that should be much more famous than it is: 

"Local Girls" by Graham Parker

He should definitely be more famous than he is. Bad timing I guess--Elvis [Costello] was taking the lead. Love this tune, though.

Madison Desler